A New Record SAT Score for DeBakey Students

We pride ourselves on being a school of excellence and our students are on the path to success every day. A few students from class of 2021, have exceeded our expectations and set a new DeBakey record for highest SAT scores. With an impressive score of 1530 from one student and 1470 from another, you have made us and yourselves proud.

One of the students shared, “When I first saw the score, my first thought was relief, because obviously, I had been stressing out about the whole thing.” He later explained that it was his belief in himself and Allah’s will that helped him through the exam.

“I was nervous but also confident going into the exam. I wasn’t 100% sure I would do good but at the same time I felt that I might have gotten a good score out of it.”

We are very proud of you, class of 2021, and wish you all the best in your other exams!

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