Did you know that when kids read over the summer they are more likely to leap ahead when they return to school? This is often called the “summer leap,” and we’ve made it a priority to keep your child’s skills sharp by encouraging them to read all summer long. Many children don’t read enough over the summer because it can be hard for them to find books at their reading level that really interest them. But when they read books they love, at the right level, they could actually go back to school at a higher lexile level than at the end of the school year.
The summer reading recommendation also includes short stories which your child will study in the next academic year. Your child should try to find time to read each and every day. Research shows students who read during the summer improve or maintain their reading skills. Kids who don’t read at all see their skills slip as much as an entire grade level. More recent research based on MAP Growth has found that the summer slide increases from middle to high school.

Please check out the reading recommendations:

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It doesn’t really matter what you read or where you read – just be sure to read every day!