2014 – 2015 Academic Year

Class of 2015 Graduation Ceremony

DeBakey High School for Health Professions – Qatar celebrated their fifth graduating class at the Wyndham Grand Hyatt Regency on June 11, 2015. DeBakey’s class of 2015 consisted of thirty eight graduates; and students were accepted to several universities in Education City, the United States, Canada, London, and surrounding gulf countries. Seven students will progress with their studies in the medical profession at Weill Cornell Medical University.

University acceptances: Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Georgetown University, Texas A&M University, Weill Cornell Medical College, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, University of California, Colorado State University, Queen Mary London, Swansea University, Bradford University, London Brunel University, University of Houston, University of Ottawa, American University of Sharjah, and American University of Beirut.

Intended college majors: Biology; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Business; Business Administration; Communication; Computer Science; Architectural, Civil, & Electrical Engineering; Economics; Finance; Hospitality Management; Marketing; Medicine, Political Science

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Project Sunshade

Project Sunshade is a community service project designed to support the many laborers in Doha, as well as children’s organizations in need. Students collected clothes, hats, shoes, and monetary donations.

Fundraisers were held during the Project Sunshade Spirit week when students dressed in unified class colors and jersey/sports day. Additional games such as darts, golf, and football tournaments were provided during break times. Students raised over 20,000 QR.
Donations were used to purchase a table tennis set, television for the labor camp leisure rooms, and sunscreen. Additionally, students contributed monetary donations and clothes to the children of Nepal via Qatar Charity. Through Project Sunshade, students gained valuable experiences with strategy, organization, leadership, which added to their understanding of social responsibility.

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Middle School STEM Project

Grade 7 students completed a STEM project in math class where they emphasized the engineer design process and utilized skills that they have been working on all year such as questioning, researching, problem solving, and cooperative learning.

Students were divided into teams where they designed an edible car and competed in speed and distance. DeBakey is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) high school with a strong English focus; completing such projects ensures an enjoyable, yet constructive learning environment.

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Principal's Awards Ceremony

The 2015 Principal’s Awards Ceremony recognized those students who exceeded beyond the minimum requirements. Awards were granted for: academic excellence with All A’s, subject area high achievement, perfect attendance, and the middle / high school outstanding student of the year.

Achievements Recognition Lunch

An achievement lunch was held at Chili’s restaurant to recognize the hard work and efforts of the debate and sports teams. Both teams competed in numerous tournaments throughout the year and won medals on regional and national levels.

Field Trip to Souq Waqif

Eighth grade students went on a field trip to Souq Waqif to experience the essence of Doha. While at Souq Waquif, students had a traditional Arabic breakfast, visited the animals and viewed the art on display. The field trip continued at Museum of Islamic Art park where students were able to enjoy each other outside of a classroom setting.

Music Recital

DeBakey students participated in a Music Recital, and performed a variety of performances to a small gathering of parents, faculty, students and friends.

Sidra Visit With HST Students

Students were involved with hands-on instructional learning activities presented by staff from Sidra Medical and Research Center. Students practiced basic life support techniques, measured vital signs, and attended a rotation of 3 presentations. This visit from Sidra is an extension of the classroom learning for the Health & Science courses taught at DeBakey High School – Qatar.

Best Buddies Event - Pizza Express

DeBakey Best Buddies Club organized a volunteering event at Pizza Express with the students from Shafallah Center. ​Students made pizza together and delivered ​hand-crafted greeting cards to the students of the Shafallah Center.

Coding Is Cool Workshop

DeBakey Robotics Club attended a workshop organized by Qatar Computing Research Institute in partnership with MIT.
The workshop featured local and international software coders who spoke on their experiences using coding to solve real world problems through technology.

The event sought to inspire and educate young people about the importance of being able to code, by demonstrating some of the technologies that are being developed at QCRI, and by exposing them to the power of code that works at the back end of the software applications shown.

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Debate Club Competitors

The DeBakey High School Senior Girls’ and Senior Boys’ Debate teams received their certificates. All four teams performed to a high standard throughout the competition, with the boys’ team going through to the Qatar National Debate Competition.

Hamad Hospital Rotations

DeBakey Senior students have begun their hospital rotation training at Hamad Hospital this week. Students will gain practical experience within different clinical settings in order to explore the various areas of a working hospital.

This experience allows them to see what best suits their area of interest and skill set. Students will be rotating for six weeks at Hamad Hospital, accordingly this experience exposes them to direct patient care and clinical procedures. As future doctors, they will be able to decide the specialty they were most interested in during their rotations. In addition, they can envision how they can contribute to medical development and practice.

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World Book Day

Students celebrated World Book Day with group activities. Grades 7 & 8 students created book related displays that included inspirations from their favorite books; and they designed bookmarks, book covers, and author biography posters. Grades 9 – 12 students were assembled to read their favorite reading selections.

At the close of each school year, DeBakey students are provided with a Summer Reading List that identifies books students must read during their summer break. Once school is back in session, students are involved in group discussions and comprehensive testing. “World Book Day is the perfect opportunity for our students to be further involved and encouraged to read beyond their daily school work assignments,” as stated by Linda Mabrie, DeBakey Director.

Student reflections included: “I feel great about reading, it helps in making my mind more creative, so I did enjoy reading today.” “I love reading, it makes me happy!” “I really liked it and I hope we can do this more often.”

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Art Department Field Trip

Visual Arts ​high school​ students visited the exhibition HERE THERE “Huna Hunak” at the Al Riwaq Gallery (MIA Park). They enjoyed a guided tou​r while ​explo​ring​ contemporary art by Qatari and Brazilian artists. The exhibition was showcasing artworks that addressed the social, cultural, economical and environmental changes that both countries ​experienced. ​During the exhibition, students​ also​ participated in a workshop​ and drew some of the exhibition’s pieces.

March Olympics Sports Program

The middle school boys & girls basketball teams, and girls gymnastics team competed in the national championship tournament through the Olypmic Sports Program.

All DeBakey teams won medals: Girls Basketball – Silver Medal, Boys Basketball – Silver Medal, and Girls Gymnastics – Bronze Medal. Youssef Al Gailey won silver medal for Taekwondo.

We are very proud of our athletic department for their hard work throughout the year.

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Eco Day

DeBakey Middle School Students commemorated Eco Day to learn about the many ways that they can help to protect the health of the environment.

​Grade 7​ students planted flowers and shrubs in the school gazebo’s before doing an art project to describe the
​importance of the ecosystem. DeBakey Student Council delivered a presentation to 8th grade students featuring innovative, environmentally sustainable waste management strategies used around the world.  ​After the presentation, 8th graders took a brief quiz to test what they learned from the presentation. They​ were also challenged to think of ways that they can reduce, reuse and recycle in their own lives.

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Quran Competition

Student Assemblies & Classroom Activities

Assemblies included: Safety & school security seminar, fire drill practice, UK universities presented to students, Pi Day activity (Grade 7 & 8).

National Sports Day

DeBakey students participated in Qatar National Sports Day in collaboration with Al Rayyan Sports Club. Students, teachers, and families enjoyed interactive physical games, basketball competition, football Competition, and jumping games.

Bake Sale for Children of Syria

DeBakey Student Council and Senior Office organized a collection of clothing & monetary donation of 18,000 QR to benefit the children of Syria. Two eighth grade students, Logena Bashah and Zain Assaf, took outstanding initiative with the children of Syria donation effort, and collected 1,906 QR from family & friends in their compound to add to the school’s donation.

HST Students Visit Sidra Simulation Center

Students visited Sidra Simulation Center for hands-on instructional learning activities. Students practiced basic life support  techniques, measured vital signs, attended a rotation of 3 presentations, and received a Basic Life Support certificate after completion. This visit is an extension from the classroom learning for the Health & Science courses taught at DeBakey High School – Qatar.

FAWCO Youth Ambassador speaks with high school students

Julia Goldsby, FAWCO Youth Ambassador of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, visited DeBakey High School – Qatar and shared her experiences of volunteering all over the world. The DeBakey High School – Qatar student population is comprised of over 20 nationalities, so students were able to identify and connect with such stories of an international experience. Students were engaged through an interactive presentation and discussion explaining how the smallest efforts have the possibility to make largest impacts.

DeBakey high students are required to complete at least one hundred volunteer hours prior to graduation. Social responsibility and character development are important factors included in the education delivered at DeBakey High School – Qatar. Presently, students participate in local volunteer programs such as Best Buddies Qatar, Reach Out to Asia, and Qatar Charity. The discussion initiated by Julia Goldsby has further inspired students to increase their volunteering efforts beyond the required hours.

Some of the student reflections included: “I thought Julia was very inspiring and the work that she did was great. When I grow up, I want to also do social work along with my other job.” “She inspired me to discover the real world and helping others.”

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DeBakey Students Meet Best Buddies

A social event was held at DeBakey High School-Qatar for DeBakey high school students and Shafallah students to interact and create friendships. The girls participated in an arts and craft activity where they decorated mugs with tissue papers, markers and stickers.

While listening to relaxing sounds, the girls laughed and talked while helping each other to decorate their cups. The boys participated in outdoor activities, such as football, basketball, and other fun organized games. Medals were handed out to the students from Shafallah Center. It was a warming moment when the students from Shafallah were very clear to say, they are no winners today because we all won.

The event was designed with the theme, “They are just like you & me,” in efforts to break away the thought that children with disabilities want to be dealt with any differently than the next child.

DeBakey students were surprised with their own experiences, and shared a few reflections: “It made me feel blessed because of all the good things I’m lucky to have, it made me look at things from a different angle,” “I loved being able to work with the kids and to be their buddy for the day. It was a wonderful experience,” and “I knew that if God took something from you, God will replace you with another thing. That thing is friendship.”

“Education includes ensuring a well-rounded experience that promotes character development and social responsibility,” stated by Linda Mabrie, DeBakey Director.

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Qatar National Day

DeBakey students & staff celebrated Qatar National Day with several festive activities. With a student population representing over 20 nationalities, it was a wonderful opportunity for students to experience the Qatari lifestyle.

The day for celebrating Qatar began with a student-led recital of verses from the Quran and the sounds of National anthem. Students participated in activities that included a documentary movie, talent showcase, Qatari traditional dance, Henna applications, “Discover What Is In The Picture” Art Competition, and a traditional feast in a native celebratory tent. In addition to school-organized activities, students attended the cultural festivities at Darb Al Saee, where events were very interactive and educational.

In support of Qatar National Day, students were permitted to wear Qatari national clothing, girls (abaya), boys (thobe) or students wore colors of the Qatar national flag.

Student reflections included: “the day was filled with pride, pertinence, and loyalty for our beloved country “Qatar”; and “Today brings to our mind all sense of independence and freedom. A day to remind us of who we are, a day to make us all proud.”

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Fire Drill Orientation

Students participated in a fire drill orientation to ensure readiness in case of unexpected disaster. Drills and procedures were discussed and rehearsed between faculty and students.

Qatar Cancer Society Donation

DeBakey High School – Qatar Student Council and Senior Office organized a collection for monetary donation of 5500 QR to Qatar Cancer Society. Pictured (from left to right): Qatar Cancer Society representatives; Valsa James, School Nurse, Haya Al Sewaidi, Senior Class President; and Hajer Osama, Senior Class Vice President.

Qatar Debate Competition

Middle and high school students competed in debating competitions between school teams represented across Qatar. Students won 5 of 6 debates and acquired improved speaking and critical thinking skills.

December Olympics Sports Program

The DeBakey High School- Qatar physical education department is very proud​ to inform​ that DeBakey Students reached the Finals of Qatar Schools Olympic Program in Basketball Boys Middle School, Basketball Girls Middle School, and Gymnastics Girls Middle School Team.

DeBakey High School​ also participated in Basketball girls 3 x​ ​3 and ​earned​ the​ second​ place in Qatar. To reach to the finals, the students led by Mr. Mohamad Kamal and Mrs. Faten Hamzeh (PE Department) worked hard and played several matches to qualify to quarter finals, semifinals, and then to reach the finals and Gymnastic team will perform a routine and qualify upon their score.

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Drug & Cancer Awareness Seminar

A presentation was delivered to students regarding drug and cancer awareness.​ There was an aim to focus on a healthy lifestyle free from drugs and all forms of smoking. ​

DeBakey Best Buddies Club Orientation

DeBakey High School-Qatar has partnered with Best Buddies-Qatar to give students the opportunity to show a long-term commitment to their community, and ​​reach out to individuals with intellectual disabilities who have traditionally been excluded from society. Students participated in their first interactive orientation on January 6th with a Best Buddies coordinator.

Fifth Annual International Day

We celebrated our students and staff with our Fifth Annual International Day. The celebration included speakers, Professor Nezha Hamid of Community College of Qatar & Abdullah Daloul of College of the North Atlantic-Qatar, and a cultural hip hop performance by dancers, Zilla, Nefo, and Jadd provided by Xtremer Entertainment.

This was a beautiful time for students to appreciate each other’s cultures and traditions. Students dressed in their native clothing; and participated in internationally themed games, a talent show and an international feast.

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November Olympics Sports Program

Boys & Girls, middle & high school teams, competed in Olympics Sports Program tournaments and friendly games with surrounding schools. Boys & Girls Basketball teams won at tournament and are still candidates for championship.

Diabetes Walkathon

Students participated in the Diabetes Walkathon at Aspire Park. Both middle & high school students participated to raise awareness and contribute towards a positive cause.

HST Students Visit Mesaimeer Clinic

Students visited the Mesaimeer Clinic for hands-on instructional ​learning ​activities. This visit was an extension ​​from the classroom​ learning ​ for our Health & Science course.

Think PINK Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Health Club, Student Council and Grade 12 students organized a presentation from Hamad Hospital and the National Center for Cancer Care & Research – Doha. Pink ribbons will be distributed along with a bake sale. Proceeds were donated to support breast cancer awareness research.

Parent/Teacher Conference (Semester 1)

Parents and teachers met to discuss students’ academic progress.

Grade 7 Art Class

Students attended a two day graffiti workshop and created designs.

Robotics Competition

Students competed in the Qatar National Robot Olympiad on the Middle & High School level.

Quran Competition 2014 winners

Students participated in the 2013-14 National Quran Competition and winners received Awards of Excellence.

AP Chemistry Students visit Texas A & M University at Qatar

AP Chemistry students visited the labs at Texas A&M University at Qatar. The students participated with an interactive lecture, performed an experiment, and gained hands-on experience in a college environment.

Middle School Olympic Basketball Program

The middle school basketball team went into double overtime and won with victory.

High School Olympic Basketball Program

The high school basketball team won with victory.

Bake Sale for Children of Gaza Donation

DeBakey High School Student Council and Senior Office organized a bake sale and non-uniform day to raise money in efforts to benefit the children of Gaza. Money raised was donated to Qatar Charity.