2015 – 2016 Academic Year

Science & Book Fair

The Science Fair displayed students’ projects that were later judged by university professors and school faculty. The Book Fair allowed several vendors for students to purchase books and stationary items. Popcorn Girl was also a big hit on both days.

Shami Week

The Lend A Hand Club organized fundraising activities throughout the week to support efforts for the children of Syria and Palestine.

Special Recognition

Our Grade 7 student, Ghanim Al Suwaidi, is member of the Qatar Sailing and Marine Sports Federation. He achieved first place in Qatar Community Jet Ski Championship; and managed to get the best score/time in all of the category races he competed in throughout the competition.

Art Field Trip

DeBakey Art students visited the new exhibition, What about the Art?, at Qatar Museums Al Riwaq Gallery where they discovered amazing contemporary Chinese artists.

Environment Club Field Trip To Qatar Cool

Environment Club members attended a presentation and tour at Qatar Cool where they learned additional insight concerning sustainability.

Principal's Awards Ceremony

The 2016 Principal’s Awards Ceremony recognized students who exceeded beyond the minimum requirements. Awards were granted for academic excellence with All A’s, subject area outstanding and most improved achievement, perfect attendance, volunteer excellence, and the middle/high school outstanding student of the year.

Qatar Animal Welfare Society Volunteer Field Trip

Student visited the Qatar Animal Welfare Society to donate animal food and walk the dogs. This was a collaborative effort between PTA and Lend A Hand Club.

Safari Desert Field Trip

The PTA organized for students to enjoy a safari desert field trip. Students enjoyed the day!

Spanish Field Trip

DeBakey students who are enrolled in Spanish visited Aceite restaurant at Melia Hotel. Students enjoyed traditional Spanish dishes (tapas & paella), as well as practiced their Spanish skills when ordering their food. DeBakey high school students must complete two years of a foreign language, and this field trip was an extension of their classroom lessons.

Teach Appreciation Week

Events were organized throughout the week the express sincere appreciation for our DeBakey Teachers. for Students decorated coffee mugs to give to teachers and the PTA organized a brunch for all staff. It was a wonderful week!

Hamad Hospital Orientation

DeBakey Senior students have begun their hospital rotation training at Hamad Hospital this week. The orientation was led by Dr. M. Omar Al-Zaghmount, Assc./Director Medical Education of Hamad Medical Corporation.

During the rotational period, students will gain practical experience within different clinical settings in order to explore the various areas of a working hospital. This experience allows students to see what best suits their area of interest and skill set. Students will be rotating for six weeks at Hamad Hospital; accordingly, this experience exposes them to direct patient care and clinical procedures. As future doctors, they will be able to decide the specialty they are most interested in during their rotations. In addition, they can envision how they can contribute to medical development and practice.

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DeBakey Sports Day

DeBakey High School – Qatar held a ‘DeBakey Sports Day’ for students and faculty to enjoy. Students and faculty participated in team sports and fun games throughout the day. Although DeBakey offers a challenging curriculum for grades 7 – 12, this was a day of fun competition and team building amongst students and faculty members.

Environment Club Spirit Week

The Environment Club hosted a spirit week with fundraising activities and an Element-themed day.

Planet Georgetown

DeBakey High School students participated in the Planet Georgetown program. During the experience, students learned about social movements and created posters about ways to improve the world for the future.

Student Reflection: I really enjoyed learning about the other parts of the world and the troubles related to food, water and society standards.

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'Freedom of Expression' Field Trip To Al Jazeera

Students attended an interactive presentation about the basics of journalism by an experienced Al Jazeera journalist. Afterwards, the students took a quick tour of the studios used by the Al Jazeera journalists/reporters. This was an excellent extension of their classroom learning about ‘Freedom of Expression.’

Coding Is Cool Workshop

Coding Is Cool Workshop

Grade 8 Field Trip

Grade 8 students attended a bowling field trip with their classmates and teachers.

Classroom Activities

This set of classroom activities includes Art and Health Science Technology. High School Art Students created colorful Pop Art artworks portraying popular icons of the 21st Century. They used the linocut technique to print the same image in different colors.

Health Science Technology 1 class had interaction with nurses from University of Calgary during a lecture about the heart and cardiovascular system.

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March Reading Madness

The middle school academy of DeBakey High School-Qatar participated in a March Reading Madness competition on a daily basis. This effort is done to make reading more fun while students read weekly topics with a concentration on informational text and vocabulary.

Parent Teacher Conference, Spring Semester

Parents and teachers met to discuss students’ academic progress. Such formal conferences happen twice a school year, as well individual meetings based on the specific concerns.

Pi Day Activities

Middle school students learned how Pi relates the circumference of a circle with its diameter by watching a video and completing hands-on activities to see Pi.

Activities included students using the Pi search page to find each student birth date as a sequence of numbers occurring in Pi and creating a chain of Pi digits. Students then enjoyed a variety of round snacks and pies. High school Algebra students participated in a competition where they measured the circumference and diameter of a pizza, and calculated the value of Pi.

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Twin Day

Students participated in ‘Twin Day’ to have fun and support a Student Council organized fundraiser.

Grade 7 & 8 Hygiene Seminar

Seminar was held to reinforce classroom lessons of Health class. Students participated in an interactive activity to determine proper hand-washing technique.

Lend A Hand Club Delivery To Red Crescent - Qatar

DeBakey students participated in a field trip to Red Crescent – Qatar. Those in attendance are participants in the Lend A Hand Club at school.

An aim of the Lend A Hand Club is to coordinate charitable efforts to help the community and those in need around the world. Students toured the building and attended presentations to gain a full-circle understanding of how those in need are aided when there is a disaster.

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World Kidney Day Recognition

Nursing students from the University of Calgary – Qatar displayed a World Kidney Day at school. On this day, the Calgary nursing students distributed pamphlets, water and informative gifts to spread awareness to students and faculty.

This was done through the collaborative program between University of Calgary and DeBakey High School – Qatar.

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World Book Day

DeBakey students celebrated World Book Day with group activities. Students in grades seven and eight dressed as their favorite book character, presented persuasive essays, and devised a list about the pros and cons of reading.

High school students participated in a literacy scavenger hunt with a focus on information text reading.

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Grade 7 & 8 INJAZ Program

Students in grades 7 & 8 completed two programs of INJAZ Qatar, “More Than Money” and “It’s My Business.”

INJAZ’s goals are to link youth with successful role models from the private sector, enhance the skills of youth and their participation in the economy, introduce students to innovation, critical thinking and new business concepts and give corporations an opportunity to develop the skills of youth.

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Quran Competition

Middle and high school students competed in the Quran Competition for boys and girls. We are awaiting the results! Our students win every year!

Grade 7 English - Film Project

Grade 7 students are learning about advertisement in their English class. Students are pictured filming and organizing their commercial projects.

February Sports Olympic Program

DeBakey students participate in the Sports Olympic Program throughout the year.

Model United Nations (MUN)

High school students participated as delegates in Georgetown’s Model United Nations Conference. Students were a part of daily debates, prepared resolutions, attended a cultural night, and much more.

Student’s reflection included: ‘This year’s MUN wasn’t only a chance to practice our public speaking, it was also a great opportunity to meet people from around the world. It was a great experience!”

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Best Buddies Pizza Express Event

DeBakey High School students hosted a social event at Pizza Express to interact with their Best Buddies group members from the Step by Step Centre for Special Needs. The students made pizza together and enjoyed fellowship.

Student Reflections included:
“This was a remarkable year. I would recommend everyone to participate in a Best Buddies program because it is truly a life changing experience.”
“It was a lovely, eye opening experience. Additionally, making pizza together is actually a great way to casually interact.”

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Fire Drill Practice

Students participate in regular emergency drills to ensure safety preparedness.

Author Discussion

Karin Schwier, author of Flourish:People With Disabilities Living Life With Passion, donated copies of her book to the school, held a lecture concerning the book and interacted with our AP English students during a luncheon at Katara.

Weill Cornell Qatar Medical Explorer Program (Winter Session)

Our high school students particpated in the Weill Cornell College of Medicine-Qatar’s Medical Explorer Program. Five DeBakey students completed the program, and received the Excellence Award, the JO Award and the Best Presentation Award.

New Mission & Vision Presentation

Student Activities

Students pictured are enjoying an ice cream social, organizing donation collections of backpacks & school supplies through the DeBakey Lend A Hand Club, and learning crocheting techniques through the Knitting & Embroidery Club.

Grade 8 Healthy Lunch

After a presentation from the school nurse concerning healthy lunch, students in grade 8 prepared a lunch within the ‘healthy’ guidelines. This event was held to remind students that eating healthy can be fun.

PTA Rise 'n Coffee

Our PTA held their monthly Rise ‘n Coffee event for all parents and faculty to enjoy.

Cycle 3 Awards Ceremony

Students who achieved All A’s on their Cycle 3 report cards, as well as students that were Most Improved, were recognized in a school assembly.

UK Universities Expo

UK University representatives were available for high school students during break times.

Poetry Slam Competition

Grade 9 students competed in a Poetry Slam contest.  Students recited self-written poems about childhood memories and social concerns. This was an extension from their English course project.

Can Learning Really Be This Fun?!

Students are pictured studying for their Semester 1 Final Exams, as well presenting final projects in English and World History.

Additionally, high school students created an Abstract Expressionist painting in groups. They used Jackson Pollock’s “Action Painting” technique to splash different colors into the posters. You can see some of this creative artworks displayed around the school.

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Rise ‘n Coffee PTA Event

Our monthly Rise ‘n Coffee event took place on January 13, 7 AM – 7:45 AM. Our PTA organizes this event for parents and faculty to enjoy coffee, home-baked pastries and fellowship. Next Rise ‘n Coffee will be February 10, same time – hope to see you there!

Classroom Activities

Pictures are displaying high school students in English & Physics courses. English: Students were completing character analyses in groups of the major characters in The Crucible. Physics: Students were completing lab experiments.

PTA 'Welcome Back' Event for Students

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organized a welcome back event for students where they decorated homemade cookies & brownies. Great lift of spirits as students prepare for Semester 1 exams!

Sidra Research Center Workshop

To prepare students for college level research, DeBakey senior students  attended the ‘Genomic Analysis and Genetic Testing – Ethics, Law and Society’ workshop organized by Sidra Research Center. During the workshop they were invited to attend the Guglielmo project in Bertinoro, Italy to further their knowledge and experience. Students will attend the conference in Italy in may 2016.

Red Crescent Donation

Students raised money to aid children in Syria.  The money was donated to Red Crescent Qatar and followed by a tour of the Red Crescent Headquarters in Doha to further show the students the relief process when a tragedy takes place.

HST Dental Clinic Visit

Students visited the Qatar Prime Dental Center for hands-on instructional learning activities. This visit is an extension from the classroom learning for the health and science courses.

Boys & Girls Anti-Bully Workshop

Students were involved with a cyber bullying workshop where they listened to a presentation, performed skits and participated in an interactive group activity. (Only boys session is pictured)

Qatar National Day Celebration

DeBakey High School – Qatar celebrated Qatar National Day with several festive activities.
The day for celebrating Qatar began with a student-led recital of verses from the Quran, Emiri salute and the sounds of National anthem.

Students participated in activities that included the Qatari traditional sword dance, face painting, camel riding, falcon showcase, Qatari traditional food booth, Art & Photography Competition, ‘Keram & Jailors’ board games and a traditional feast in a Qatari tent. Guest speaker, Dr. Omar Al-Zaghmout, Associate Director of Medical Education at Hamad Medical Corporation, enlightened students about self-accountability, innovative thinking and encouraged all students to feel included with the success of Qatar.

Student reflections included:
“We worked really hard to make this day happen.. we enjoyed the happy faces and appreciation.”
“The students involved really helped me feel a sense of pride in living here. It was beautiful, interactive and very eye opening. In simple terms: I loved it!”

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Best Buddies Event

DeBakey High School students hosted a social event at the Darb Al Sai with their Best Buddies group members from Step By Step Center. The students toured Darb Al Sai festivities and participated in the shooting range games, archery, fire safety seminar, falcon petting, and radio voice recordings.

This event was a continuation of the relationships developed throughout the school year. The Step By Step students also received handmade greeting cards from the DeBakey students.

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Sports Olympic Program

The PE department is very proud to inform you that DeBakey students are participating in many extracurricular sports activities such as football, gymnastics, tennis, taekwondo, and basketball. The students are taking the time to practice and improve their skills. Our students are taking part in Qatar School Olympic Program for all of the above sports.

Q Med Exhibition

DeBakey High School – Qatar participated in the QMed (Qatar’s International Medical and Health Exhibition) held at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.  As DeBakey High School – Qatar is the only secondary school in Doha with a medical science specialty, the school organized a booth display to support the continue progression of medical field opportunities in Qatar.

Rise 'n Shine PTA Event

Our PTA organized their first Rise ‘n Shine event for parents and faculty to enjoy coffee, home-baked pastries and fellowship.  This event was enjoyed by all that participated and will take place on a monthly basis.

Cycle 2 Awards Ceremony

Students who achieved All A’s on their Cycle 2 report cards, as well as students that were Most Improved, were recognized in a school assembly. Our Teacher of Month, Mrs. Majida Timimi was also recognized.

Ongoing Fire Drills

Students participated in a fire drill orientation to ensure readiness in case of unexpected disaster. Drills and procedures were discussed and rehearsed.

Student Prayer Time

Newly introduced this year is the time allocation for student prayer time and the student prayer pass. We have revised and adjusted the student schedules this year to allow time within school hours for the students to pray during the Noon Prayer Time without having any implications on the learning process, yet allowing other students to take advantage of this time and read a book in their classrooms. Each participating student was given a prayer pass that he/she must have all the time.

Students Complete INJAZ Program – Fall Semester

INJAZ Qatar is an affiliate of Junior Achievement Worldwide, the world’s largest non-profit business education organization. INJAZ’s goals are to link youth with successful role models from the private sector, enhance the skills of youth and their participation in the economy, introduce students to innovation, critical thinking and new business concepts and give corporations an opportunity to develop the skills of youth.

Our DeBakey students (Grades 9-12) completed the Head Start and Be Entrepreneurial programs. “Head Start” focuses on resume writing, the science of interviewing, and the benefits of internships. The three sessions provide engaging and experiential training in work-readiness and career perspectives. “Be Entrepreneurial” focuses on challenging students, through interactive classroom activities, to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in high school. This program makes entrepreneurship seem like a more attainable goal, it helps bring these ideas to life.

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Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) Involvement

Our Parent Teacher Association had a meeting in October where they elected officers and signed up for volunteer committees. Parents of the PTA will be involved with school programs and will host events throughout the year to bring parents together. The next meeting will be November 23rd at 6:30 PM. Interested in joining?! Please email: debakeyPTA@debakeyatatar.org

Cycle 1 Achievement Ceremony

Students who achieved All A’s on their Cycle 1 report cards, as well as students that display a high level of respect, were recognized in a school assembly.


Students participated in the Diabetes Walkathon at Aspire Park. Students participated to raise awareness and contribute towards a positive cause.

Classroom Activities

Students are involved in interactive activities that allow them to actively participate while learning. The following pictures are from Health Science Technology, Chemistry, Social Studies, Art, and Music courses.

Students are shown performing skits about decision making, creating quilts based on the American Revolution, performing high-level experiments with top-notch lab equipment, and presenting topics through group presentations. The pictures from the Music class display students practicing their piano lessons nad working on a project concerning Music Composer Joseph Haydn. The pictures from the Art class show the artistic masterpieces created after being formally introduced to craft of graffiti art, as well as grade 7 students working with modeling paste to create a small model of a monument from his/her country. Enjoy the pictures!

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Arts & Craft Club and Cooking Club

Our students participate in a variety of clubs after school every Tuesday. This month’s club spotlight is the Art & Crafts Club and the Cooking Club. Every week, students are involved in mixing ingredients and making easy dishes they can share with their families at home. You may use the provided recipes in the pictures! The Art & Crafts Club design necessary arrangements and decoration for any of the school’s upcoming events.

Grade 7 Peter Pan Field Trip

Grade 7 students attended a showing of Peter Pan presented by the Katara Drama School.

Sixth Annual International Day

At the Sixth Annual International Day, DeBakey High School-Qatar celebrated the rich diversity of DeBakey’s school community with the theme, ‘Unity in Diversity.’ Students and faculty shared the culture and traditions of their native countries through a series of activities including a regional booth display, a fashion show, mini-Olympic games, face painting, photo booths, henna painting, and an internationally-themed lunch. Students and faculty dressed in their native clothing and this day served as a beautiful time for students to appreciate each other’s culture..

The celebration included guest speakers Mr. Khalid Al-Mohannadi and Dr. Jude Shafiq, as well as a performance by Bhavan’s Public School where they performed a Rajasthani folk dance of India.

Student reflections included: “I liked the fact that everyone was proud about their nationality. A lot of activities were held by the teachers, and teachers who wore their national outfit encouraged me to as well.,” “It was fun when the speaker talked about all our hearts beating together and being one,” and “It was a nice day, I liked it!.”

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High School Elections

The Senior Office and Student Council officers were elected after the student candidates delivered speeches and ran election campaigns.
Senior Office: Joanna Qaddoumi, President; Mahdi Mahdi, Vice President; Dana Al Ali, Secretary, Halima Adam, Treasurer; Dana Al Bozom, Parliamentarian.
Student Council: Reem Hamad, President; Dingham Zhang, Vice President; Shubhanshoo Verma, Secretary; Khalifa Bsheesh; Treasuere; Bander Al Abdulla, Parliamentarian.

Best Buddies Event

A social event was held for DeBakey students to create friendships with students from Shafallah and Step by Step Center. The girls participated in an arts and craft activity where they decorated bottles with tissue papers, markers and stickers to create vases.

The boys participated sports-related activities, such as football and other fun organized games. Medals were handed out to the students. The event concluded with juice and refreshments, where all Best Buddies participants interacted and discussed their feelings about the day’s activities. Their thoughts were written on a unified board open to girls and boys to write along with their newly found Best Buddy.

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Diabetes ‘Healthy’ Bake Sale

The Lend A Hand club hosted a healthy bake sale during both lunch breaks. The bake sale included healthy sandwiches, sugar-free brownies and salad options. All proceeds collected will go towards helping individuals that cannot afford treatment for diabetes.

Think PINK Day

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, students of the Senior Office organized fundraising activities to raise funds for cancer awareness and prevention. Pink ribbons were distributed, students were encouraged to wear pink tops, and students made contributions through the bake sale, photo booth sessions, and hand-crafted gift bags.

Cancer Awareness Presentation

Representatives from Weill Cornell College of Medicine, Dr. Sohaila Cheema and Ms. Raji Anand, presented a cancer awareness seminar to all DeBakey students. During the seminar, cancer prevention and care was discussed.

IPC Athletics World Championship Field Trip

Students participating on DeBakey sport teams attended the IPC Athletics World Championship to watch and cheer on the Paralympic athletes compete for a spot in the Paralympics in Rio.

Chemistry Labs

At DeBakey High School-Qatar, each science subject has an assigned lab. In the following pictures, students are completing a Chemistry experiment on mixture separation where they separate the colors of ink using paper chromatography.

Best Buddies Orientation

DeBakey High School-Qatar has partnered with Best Buddies-Qatar to give students the opportunity to show a long-term commitment to their community, and ​​form meaning friendships that bring happiness to students who are often left out because they have intellectual disabilities. Students participated in their welcoming orientation on October 22nd with the Best Buddies coordinator.

October Special Recognitions

A few Grade 8 students received ‘Act of Kindness’ certificates. As an effort to promote positive interactions among students, such awards are presented throughout the year. Brief story: The awarded students were given the award for going out of their way to make a new student feel welcome at school. The new student was by herself and they went over to her, sat down, and introduced themselves to her. They made her smile and feel welcome.

Yousef and Maaz Al-Jailey participated in the Qatar Championship (Open Weight category) for Taekwondo. Yousef won the gold medal and Maaz won the silver medal. As extracurricular activities are important, DeBakey is very proud of Yousef and Maaz. Pictured with their father and Mrs. Mabrie, Director.

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UK Universities Expo

High school students attended a university expo to learn about the requirements of UK universities. The expo was done in collaboration with Knowledge Zone, a professional education consulting institute for students seeking to study abroad.

This was a wonderful experience for students ask questions and interact with collegiate officials from the UK. Universities that were present included: Regent University London, University of Northampton, Southampton Solent University, Study Group ( FND provider for over 20 Universities), David Game College, Bellerbys College, and British Council.

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Students’ Break Time

During break time, students have the opportunity to: eat lunch, play board games, compete with table tennis and relax with their classmates.

Grade 8 Health Activity

Grade 8 students participated in a writing exercise where they collaborated with their classmates to design a skit about good decision making. Learning such character skills are essential as well as the academics taught.

Education City College Fair

DeBakey High School – Qatar hosted an Education City College Fair for their Grade 11 & 12 students. Georgetown University, Texas A&M University, Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, and Virginia Commonwealth University, and Weil Cornell Medical College were in attendance. Students engaged with university representatives and received first-hand information concerning the college admissions process.

First Day of School

We welcomed our largest enrollment of grades 7 – 12 students with an opening convocation. Students became familiar with school procedures, followed by faculty introductions and student interaction.

Annual Staff Retreat

DeBakey faculty attended a ‘back to school’ in-service where they became acclimated with the goals for this school year and participated in team building exercise. Officially ready for an exciting & enriching 2015 – 2016 school year!