2016 – 2017 Academic Year

Graduation 2017

Graduation 2017

Science Fair

The DeBakey Science Fair allowed students to display and present their projects to their classmates and parents. To add to the engagement and excitement of the day, there was an interactive presentation led by the Mad Science Performance Group. As DeBakey-Qatar High School has a strong focus and math and science, such opportunities add value to the learning process.

Best Buddies Carnival Activity

The Best Buddies Club hosted a carnival day for visiting students.

Grade 6 Picasso Field Trip

Grade 6 Art students had a lot of fun visiting the exhibitions of Picasso-Giacometti at the Fire Station and the French street artist JR at Katara. They also had the opportunity to show their creativity and their unique style drawing portraits inspired in Picasso’s work.

iEARN, Injaz Business Plan, Debate

Students have competed in several competitions during Spring semester. Check our Facebook for updates!

Principal's Awards

The Principal’s Awards ceremony was held for our outstanding achievers.

iEarn Open House at Qatar Foundation

The iEARN Qatar Program held their Open House 2017 at Qatar Foundation.DeBakey students showcased two projects: ‘Don’t Waste, Create’ (Middle School) and ‘Digital Citizenship’ (High School).
Through the iEARN project, students collaborated with their peers around the world. Award annoucements will take place soon!

Cycle 4 Awards Assembly

Cycle 4 Awards Assembly took place to recognize students on the Honor Roll & High Achiever for cycle 4. Additional awards for many competitions and university workshops were distributed as well.

Hidden Figures _ CNAQ Field Trip

Students attended two recent field trips. American History course watched Hidden Figures as a part in their studies on the Civil Rights and the Cold Rar. Study Skills course visited College of the North Atlantic – Qatar concerning university insight. ‘Very engaging & interactive visit!

Shams Generation Exhibition - Opening Night

Shams Generation Exhibition – Opening Night took place. A few students attended and are pictured with Mrs. Maria. Visit the exhibition until May 4th!

Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness Day was hosted by the Best Buddies Club. Students participated in themed-attire as per the Autism ribbon and provided a booth presentation during the lunch breaks.

Family Fun Day

Our 1st Family Fun Day took place on April 8th. We appreciate all that attended!

Grade 6 SHAMS Generation Project

DeBakey Art students from Grade 6 created some of the most iconic landmarks of Doha for the Shams Generation Initiative. The common theme was Doha: Past, Present and Future Buildings. They had to integrate a solar kit in their artworks learning about solar energy, sustainability, recycling, engineering and art in a fun way. Check our Facebook & Instagram for our other excellent project submissions as well! Great job Rama, Zain, Maisoun, Ibrahim, Bashier, Mohamed, Omar A., Wiqas, Venkat and Yusuf S.!

Scientific Research Competition

Students from DeBakey High School – Qatar competed in the Ministry of Education & Higher Education National Scientific Research Competition. DeBakey groups competed in the finals and two groups won awards.

Tala Alraoush and Tanya Karakyriakou won overall third place in the Category of Social and Behavioral Science. In addition, they received special recognition from Brookings Doha Center and Texas A&M. Hissa Al-Fakhri and Maryam Al Hitmi, won the First Prize in the in the Biomedicine Category judged by Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar and Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

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Best Buddies Club - Ceramics Activity

The Best Buddies Club organized a ceramics activity with Step by Step School for Disabilities. All students enjoyed!

CNAQ Skills Workshop

DeBakey students participated in the skills competition sponsored by College of the North Atlantic – Qatar.

DeBakey Sports Day

Students and faculty participated in team sports and fun games throughout the day. While DeBakey offers a challenging American curriculum for grades 6 – 12, this was a day of fun competition and team building amongst students and faculty members.

Grade 7 Art Field Trip

Grade 7 art students enjoyed a guided tour to the exhibition Picasso-Giacometti and they showed their creativity by drawing a cubist portrait inspired by Picasso’s paintings.

Grade 8 Pi Day Activity

Grade 8 students in many fun ‘Pi Day’ related activities on March 14th.

Hamad Hospital Orientation

A group of seniors have started their rotations at Hamad Hospital. During the rotational period, students will gain practical experience within different clinical settings in order to explore the various areas of a working hospital.

Knowledge Zone University Expo

Knowledge Zone University Expo was held where many UK universities were present to answer questions concerning admissions.

March Reading Madness Activities

Many March Reading Madness activities took place during March. A few events are pictured. Reading competition results soon!

Merit Field Trip & School-wide Field Trip Day

Students with the top merit achievements for semester 1 enjoyed their Adventure Room field trip! On another day, students enjoyed field trips by grade level where they had time to enjoy each other while addressing character trait topics upon their return to school.

Microsoft Code Camp

Students participated in the Microsoft Code Camp competition. Two very long days were spend creating applications.

Poetry Slam

DeBakey students had the opportunity for their voices to be heard in the 2nd Annual Poetry Slam Contest. Congrats Dima!

Spelling Bee (Middle School)

Middle school students particpated in the Spelling Bee (by grade level). Congrats to the winners! Grade 6: Rama Naem & Abdulla Mostafa, Grade 7: Yousef Abu Dayeh, Ayaa Kabbashi, Jamal Badr, Grade 8: Hafsa Najdan & Alaa Makhoul. All students did a great job!

Spring Parent Teacher Conference

Spring Parent Teacher Conference was held where parents had the opportunity to check on their child’s progress.

World Book Day

Students recognized World Book Day through a few activities. Grades 6 – 8 students dressed as their favorite book character, and their entire school read during a designated time during assembly.

World Scholar's Cup

DeBakey students competed in the World Scholar’s Cup – Doha round.  The theme of the tournament was ‘An Unlikely World,’ and the experience included 4 competitive categories. DeBakey students won opportunities to compete in the global round.

Cycle 3 Awards Ceremony

Students were recognized during the Cycle 3 Awards Assembly for having received high academic honors and for having received a high amount of merits for positive behavior throughout semester 1.

Additionally, our students that particpated in the Weill Cornell Medical Explorer Program were recognized. Special acknowledgment to Ghaya Al-Suwaidi for winning the JO Achievement Award!

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Annual Book Fair

Our annual Book Fair took place. It is always wonderful to see our students excited to read and expand their personal reading selections.

<[>The Reach Out to Asia club also held a bake sale for their community service efforts. Special thanks to our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Maha, for coordinating!

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French Field Trip

The French classes went on a field trip to Paul’s where they ordered their food in French. Additional exposure is always positive!

HST 2 Visit to Qatar Prime Dental

After studying dental concepts, students visited Qatar Prime Dental Care. They were able to observe Dr. Johnny and his team operating over patients using dental equipment and instruments.

They were allowed to practice restorative procedures using models, mixing dental material for impressions, and taking dental radiographs by panoramic X-ray machine . It was a great opportunity to have hands on experience and move their practical knowledge one step further.

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Injaz Program (Grades 7 & 8 )

Our middle school students completed their three-week Injaz courses: More Than Money & It’s My Business.

More Universities Visits

More universities expos are being held throughout semester 2. American University of Sharjah & Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Medical University in Bahrain were recently in attendance.

PTA Rise 'n Coffee

PTA Rise ‘n Coffee continues to be a positive event for parents and faculty. Join us next time!

Quran Competition

DeBakey boys and girls competed in the Quran Competition. Many of our students often receive recognitions – results soon!

Best Buddies Faculty Cafe

The Best Buddies Club designed an informative café to discuss interaction with someone having intellectual disabilities. Students shared their personal stories as well as general information. Fun event for all!

Computer Science Collaboration

Through the ‘iEARN Qatar’ project, our Computer Science students collaborated with a school in Pakistan to discuss Digital Citizenship. Our high school students then presented the information to our middle school students.

Friendly Sports Games

Our sport teams have been competing in friendly games with local schools. Great preparation for Spring tournaments!


DeBakey – Qatar students gained much knowledge at the recent SEHHA event held through Qatar University College of Health Sciences. Our future doctors and health professionals enjoyed the interactive workshops.

Toolika Art Exhibition

Toolika Art Exhibition was held at our school. Hundreds of art and craft pieces were on display; and the exhibition included a live competition. Students enjoyed exploring their creative talents!

Qatar National Day Celebration

The day for celebrating Qatar began with a student-led recital of verses from the Quran, Emiri salute and the sounds of National anthem.

Students participated in activities that included the Qatari traditional sword dance, face painting, camel riding, falcon showcase, Qatari traditional food booth, Art Competition, Magic show, ‘Keram & Jailors’ board games, henna for girls, football competition and a traditional feast in a Qatari tent.
Guest speaker, Mr. Khalifa Al Haroon (Mr. Q), Founder & CEO of I Love Qatar, enlightened students about entrepreneurship and how important it is to believe in yourself. As Qatar is inclusive of many cultures, Mr. Khalifa encouraged students to act as ambassadors for their country as each student represents their country during daily interactions with their classmates.

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'Stress' Booth Presentation by University of Calgary Nurses

The nurses from University of Calgary designed a booth and presentation concerning stress, both postive and negative aspects.

Certificate Ceremonies & Competitions

Pictures include the students receiving certificates for Cycle 2 Honor Roll, Quran Competition winners, Pakistan Interschool Literary Competition, South African Embassy Art Competition, ‘Respect’ Recognition awards, Robotics Olympiad Winners (4th place) and VAFI Workshop participants.

Debate Competitions

Throughout the year, the debate teams compete for the final prize at the end of the school year. Pictured are a few participants thus far from the boys (Middle & High School) and girls (Middle School) teams

End of Cycle 2 Fun

After students completed a survey to determine how they would like to celebrate the closure of cycle 2, it was selected to have fun competitions. The competitions included chess, table tennis, track relay, and table football. The winners received non-uniform day vouchers and Virgin Megastore gift vouchers. It was definitely an enjoyable time!

International Week

DeBakey High School-Qatar celebrated the rich diversity of the school community with the theme, ‘Unity in Diversity.’ This was a week-long event where students and faculty shared the culture and traditions of their native countries through a series of activities.

Activities included a regional booth display, a fashion show, internationally-themed lunch, traditional board games, talent show and sport competitions. During the week, there was a cultural performance by the Olive International school and parents attended throughout the week. Students and faculty had an opportunity to dress in their native clothing and this week served as a beautiful time for students to appreciate each other’s culture.

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Pen Pal Writing Participation

Some of our middle school English classes are particpating in a pen pal activity that will last throughout the year. Students will communicate through personalized written letters with another school in the United States.

Rise 'n Coffee and Tea & Talk

We have continued our monthly Rise ‘n Coffee, and included a workshop on Khan Academy for the parents that were interested. The presentation was sent to all parents in case they were unable to attend. The PTA also hosted the Tea & Talk, which took place during Tuesday Club Day as paents waited for students to complete their clubs.

Robotics Olympiad Competition

Congratulations to the robotics team and Mrs. Solange for winning 4th place in the 2016 Qatar National Robotics Olympiad – Open Category at College of the North Atlantic! Student participants: Osama Al Hajiri, Bashier Nached & Ramy Al Dabbagh. A lot of hard work and afterschool preparation was put into their project – Excellent job!

Science Labs & Experiments

Pictures are included of students in the science lab and outside completeing hands-on experiements.

Visual Arts Activities

Middle school students worked on decorations from their native countries for the International Week, while High School students worked in groups about Abstract Expressionism, creating “Action Paintings.”

Best Buddies Event

A social event was held at DeBakey High School-Qatar for DeBakey high school students to interact with students having intellectual disabilities. The event was comprised of sports and art & crafts activities.

The activities included fun relay games with obstacle courses, building an airplane, making a frame with portrait art work, football, basketball and other interactive games. The Best Buddies participants interacted and discussed their feelings about the day’s activities. The event was designed with the theme, “They are just like you & me,” in efforts to break away the thought that children with disabilities want to be dealt with any differently than the next child.
DeBakey students were surprised with their own experiences, and shared a few reflections: “I felt like nothing was even wrong, we had so much fun together.” and “The event was a wonderful learning experience for me as I discovered what interacting with kids having disabilities is really like; I learned that disabilities sometimes aren’t so obvious.”
“Education includes ensuring a well-rounded experience that promotes character development and social responsibility,” stated by Linda Mabrie, DeBakey Executive Director.
This year DeBakey students have joined the Promoter division of Best Buddies and are looking forward to holding their next event for the staff and faculty of DeBakey. Their aim will be to increase the awareness and sensitivity concerns revolved around interacting with students having disabilities.

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Diabetes Walkathon

Students participated in the annual Diabetes Walkathon.

INJAZ Participation

Students of DeBakey High School – Qatar recently completed two programs of INJAZ Qatar.

INJAZ’s goals are to link youth with successful role models from the private sector, enhance the skills of youth and their participation in the economy, introduce students to innovation, critical thinking and new business concepts and give corporations an opportunity to develop the skills of youth. Grades 9 – 11 students completed the Steer Your Career and Be Entrepreneurial programs.

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Student Council & Class Representatives Elections

School elections were held for Student Council (High School) and Class Representatives (Middle School). Students needed to meet academic requirements and run a full campaign with their classmates.

Congratulations to the newly elected officers! Student Council: Nabeel Chaumun, President; Lina Qamhiyah, Vice President; Mujtaba Elshaikh, Secretary; Mehdi Delfi, Treasurer; and Dima Musa, Parliamentarian. Class Representatives: Omar Alhatou (Grade 6); Rimas Al Hawari & Hlla Sehata (Grade 7); Sara Alhatou, Jamil Daoud & Alaa Makhoul (Grade 8)

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Twin Day

In celebration of school spirit and team collaboration, students at DeBakey High School – Qatar participated in their annual Twin Day, sponsored by the senior class office.

Best Buddies Club Visit to Shafallah

Senior students from the Best Buddies Club visited the Shafallah Center. During the campus tour, students gained an understanding about the resources provided to students with disabilities. After witnessing first-hand experiences, students will later organize events with the students at the Shafallah center.

Education City University Expo

Our school hosted universities from Education City and admission representatives were available to answer relevant questions for students in Grades 10 – 12.

PTA Rise 'n Coffee

PTA Rise ‘n Coffee is a monthly event where parents are invited to informally meet with faculty and other parents.

Think Pink Day

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, students of the Senior Class Office organized a ‘Think Pink Day’ where nursing students from University of Calgary arranged informational activities concerning cancer awareness and prevention.

DeBakey students distributed pink ribbons and students were encouraged to wear pink tops. Fundraising activities were also arranged through the student-sponsored bake sale, photo booth sessions, and hand-crafted accessories.

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