Gallery Year 2017-2018

2017 – 2018 Academic Year

Sports Day

The PE department planned and coordinated many activities such as team sports, fitness challenges, wellness booths, and many fun games for our annual Sports Day, which turned out to be a huge success. It was the perfect fun event before the chapter test!

Pi Day

Every year, the day March 14 (written as 3/14 in the month/date format) is celebrated in several countries as Pi Day. The main objective of these celebrations is to highlight the importance of π and have some fun doing mathematics.
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar hosted a Pi Day celebration by organizing a mathematics competition for high school students on Saturday February 24, 2018 (Preliminary Round). The goal of this competition is to enhance awareness of and interest in mathematics in the highschool communities in Qatar.
The Pi Day Mathematics Competition was an opportunity for our secondary students to compete against Qatar’s independent and private schools. Our 2 teams of 4 students each were competing in a round of mathematical problem solving exploring the fun side of mathematics.

The FAME Conference 2018 (Future A&M Engineers)

DeBakey students participated in The FAME Conference 2018 (Future A&M Engineers) held on the 16th and 17th of February, 2018 at the Texas A&M University at Qatar campus. The FAME Conference is tailed to be a platform for students to interact and actively participate in a variety of activities and workshops aimed at inciting interest in STEM education and world class engineering programs specifically in Texas A&M University at Qatar

skyscrapers Challenge

Students worked in groups of 3 or 4. Each group had to build one of the followings skyscrapers and in a scale 1/1000:
Petronas Towers- Sears Tower- Chrysler Building- Empire State Building- Burg Dubai.

Before building, the students brainstormed the names of famous skyscrapers assigned from the teacher. They also made a research about its location, the architect’s name who designed it, the material used for its construction, What materials or technology enabled it to surpass the heights of previously constructed skyscrapers?
At the end they also added 5 fun facts related to the skyscraper.
It was very challenging for them!

Model United Nations (MUN)2018

DeBakey Delegates in action during the 2018 Model United Nations (MUN) Conference hosted by Georgetown University in Qatar’s.
The MUN conference is a forum for high school delegations to debate current global issues and gain insight into the world of international politics and decision-making. The MUN-2018, mimics The United Nations Conference in a simulation of Diplomatic Excellence and Strategic Debate where delegates propose resolutions and amendments, while using their research, debating and Public Speaking skills to influence their decisions.

Medical Project UK

HST 1-3 students participate in a practical training program in London during the midterm holidays; the purpose of the trip was to enable the students to gain a deeper understanding of a career in the healthcare sector and also help develop their awareness of healthcare systems within other countries.

Medical Project UK is based in London and offered a premium learning experience where students took part in a week long immersive learning experience. The Project Team used an NHS simulation suite at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (,where Doctors controlled the learning environment. It included realistic mannequins, 3D computer graphics and video feedback that enabled students to work through emergencies together and experience as closely as possible the role and life of a Doctor. Students were coached on how to deal with emergency situations and experienced several simulation emergency situations themselves.

In addition to the hospital work experience, students also took part in several university preparation sessions designed to help with the university application process and interviews. This included clinical training sessions such as ‘suturing classes’ as well as university interview preparation in the form of mock interviews

Qatar National Day Celebration

Qatar National Day was a huge success! DeBakey students, staff and parents were all in the spirit of festivity celebrating Qatar’s unity and brotherhood. Our students spent days perfecting the Emiri Salute and they performed with flying colors. The sword dance, debate, poetry and art competition were some of the activities planned, in addition to showcasing the country’s traditional food, clothing, and appreciating Qatar’s heritage. We want to thank the staff, students and parents for making this special day memorable.

SEHHA program

Our students attended the SEHHA program offered by the College of Health Sciences in collaboration with the College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy and the Biomedical research Center at Qatar University. The Program is devoted to educating participants about the different careers in healthcare. A major goal is to inspire students by showing them real life examples of scientific inquiry and examination as it is employed in a healthcare environment.


Our Middle School debaters did a great job in the first stage of QPSDL for the 2017-2018 Season. They made it to the top 10 so far and so ready for the 2nd stage.

5th Annual Ajyal Youth Film Festival

DeBakey took part in the 5th Annual Ajyal Youth Film Festival. On December 4, all of Grade 9 and 10 were able to view unique programs which enabled students to gain valuable experience and discover various cultures through international stories featured in inspiring films. By attending these screenings, students were able to grow their cultural awareness and their knowledge of local and regional history, as well as allowing them to understand and appreciate social responsibility and social consciousness

Hour of Code

During the past week ,Our school participated in the “Hour of Code”, a global movement founded by, that started as a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code”, to show that anybody can learn the basics of computer programming.
More than 100 student were able to finish the first hour of code and receive their certificates.

Debate competition against Amna Bint Wahab school

DeBakey Middle School girls Debate Team had a friendly Inter Schools debate competition against Amna Bint Wahab school for girls.
We are proud to announce that our DeBakey debaters won first place in the competition. Way to go Debaters!

The Qatari Scientists in Biological Diversity

DeBakey students participated in the Qatari Scientists in Biological Diversity (QSBD), an educational program offered by the Biomedical Research Center at Qatar University in collaboration with Al-Gannas Qatari Society at Katara Cultural Village and other national business partners.
The objective of the program is to promote science to young Qatari male students in an interactive and fun environment.
The students had the opportunity to participate in basic research, learn about effective scientific communication, and develop critical ethical and scientific thinking under the direct supervision of experts in their respective fields.

Girl Scouts

Our Girl Scouts camp this past weekend at the American Army base was a huge success. The girls took classes in Robotics, self-defense, first aid, and knot tying, in addition to learning and about life on an army base.

MUN Orientation

DeBakey students participated in the Georgetown Qatar’s Model United Nations (MUN) Orientation in preparation for the 2018 MUN Conference. Mock simulations in Diplomatic Excellence and Strategic Debate were practiced and delegates learnt the process of proposing amendments and resolution while using their debating skills to influence their decisions.

CPR Training

60 Students and teachers became certified by Hamad Training Center in CPR and Basic Life Support as part of the HST 1 curriculum.

Extra-Curricular Activities

DeBakey is committed to offering quality extra-curricular activities that are varied and comprehensive.
The list of activities and times is available to all parents throughout the year. All activities take place on campus.

Art Field Trip

Art students visited the exhibition of Contemporary Masterpieces from the Deutsche Bank Collection at the Fire Station. They had the opportunity to admire some of the most important artworks of German Art from WWII until the present.

Think Pink Day

Think Pink Day was on Thursday, October 19, 2017 and it was a great success. It was a great way to spread awareness of cancer and allow students an opportunity to raise money for the cause. A special thanks to University of Calgary Qatar students for participating in this cancer awareness fund-raising event

QLC conference

DeBakey students attended The THIMUN Qatar Model United Nations and Media Leadership (QLC) conference designed around the concept of developing student leadership within schools specifically in MUN and media studies. Students and teachers participated together in workshops and conference activities designed to provide them with leadership skills and tools to run successful MUN and media studies programs. QLC provides an annual meeting place for globally connected young people to exchange ideas and develop partnerships

International Day

Debakey high school celebrated its annual International Day on Nov 9, 2017. This is a yearly program where the school takes an initiative to make the students aware of the different cultures and traditions around the world.

Solar Festival at the Fire Station

Art and Robotics students had fun while learning about solar power!
They attended the Solar Festival at the Fire Station, visiting the schools’ exhibition displaying their own creations. Also, they had the chance to meet and collaborate with international artists working with solar power and new technologies like Craig Colorusso (USA), Anthony Castronovo (USA), Eleonora Nicoletti (Italy-UK) and Eva Brandt (Germany).
Sunlight Graffiti:

The WISE Summit Trip

Grade 7 Students took part in the WISE Summit on Nov. 14, 2017 and participated in activities like coding, project-based learning, interactive STEM workshops and learning through play.

New Spanish Pen Pals

In an effort to practice their language skills, Spanish 1 & 2 students are collaborating with Emilio Pérez Piñero Secondary School students in Calasparra, Spain.
DeBakey students have written letters to their new Spanish Pen Pals and are anxiously waiting for their response. Through this program, students will not only improve their communication skills in Spanish but also their cross-cultural awareness.

Qatar Debate

52 Schools competed, 48 debates were held, 60 judges decided. Exceptional and successful event.
We would like to thank Qatar Debate for choosing our school for the 4th year in row to host such a big event.