Grade 12 Students Excelling in AP Courses

Our new senior class of 2021 are raising the bar for the rest of the school when it comes to their grades and their capacity to take advanced placement (AP) courses this year. 61% of the senior class (grade 12) are taking AP courses this year. Twelve are taking one AP course, 15 students are taking 2 AP courses, 10 are taking 3 APs, and two students are taking 4 AP courses this year. If you think this is impressive, some of these students are also part of the Qatar Aspiring Doctor Program at Weill Cornell University, and some are part of the Texas A&M Virtual Robotics Games representing Qatar this year. If events start up again in the coming months, they will also be part of the Hamad Rotation Program and the annual London Trip for Medicine and Engineering.

Congratulations class of 2021, we are already very proud of you. Keep doing amazing work and show the world that no matter the circumstance, your excellence will prevail.

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