Grade 9 Students Excel in Shell NXplorers Program

Working with different concepts of STEAM education, DeBakey’s Grade 9 students were chosen to participate in the Shell NXplorers Program based on the school’s outstanding performance in different STEM related programs and initiatives.

DeBakey is one of very few schools nominated to participate in the program, which is currently running in 17 countries around the world.

NXplorers is an innovative global education program that introduces complex and creative thinking skills to students. It provides students with what is needed to become positive agents in the process of change and with the tools they need to apply them.

Grade 9 students are now part of a global initiative and a growing community, enhancing the school’s STEM efforts, and learning new researchbased methodologies and tools to develop complex problem solving skills.

The workshops took place in the school from January 17th to February 3rd 2021. The students nominated for the NXplorers Competition are given the opportunity to present their work to Shell Qatar VIPs.

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