Jazz Catering

You will recall that DeBakey announced that Jazz Catering will be managing our cafeteria this year. We are very pleased with their service, and we hope your children are as well.

We have issued each student a card they are using to purchase their lunch. Those cards were issued last Sunday to all students. All parents received notice from the school and a message following from Jazz with instructions about how to activate your children’s accounts and fund their lunch spending. Jazz has permitted your children to purchase food this first week of operation using negative balances to permit you time, to set up your accounts. Several students currently have negative balances that must now be resolved. Topping up your child’s account is also necessary for purchases going forward.

Beginning Sunday August 28,2022, we are requiring all negative balances to be addressed and Jazz will no longer permit negative balance purchases by your children.

To continue to use the Jazz lunch program please top up your children’s account and explore all the features the app provides for parents to ensure your special diet needs are met and that spending limits are enforced for your child.

Should you choose to not use Jazz and elect to have your child carry lunch to school each day, please clear any negative balance via the jazz app and have your child’s Jazz card turned into the reception desk so we can close your Jazz account.

It is critical that all negative balances be cleared by Sunday and for those continuing to use the lunch program please top up your account.

Thank you for your attention to this matter as your child’s nutrition is critical to their learning experience.

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