Juniors and Seniors Race to Complete UniFrog Applications

Creating a competitive environment in a school motivates the students to continue excelling in their studies and progress. Creating one for them to apply to universities, provides them time to really look into some of their options and perhaps make adjustments early on, before it is too late.

Mr. Samir Chaeb has done just that. Our career guidance counselor has offered a prize to students who complete the most percentage of their UniFrog Applications. UniFrog is DeBakey’s official university application system allowing students and teachers to submit personal statements, university preferences, and recommendation letters.

The top students of September & October 2020 were:

  • Menatalla Soliman (grade 12)
  • Ubaida Al-Aani (grade 11)
  • Zaid Hijazi (grade 12)
  • Almeqdad Hasan (grade 12)
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