My Last First Week of School by Sana Moodley

As a 12th grader, last week was literally my last first week of school. The truth? It was utterly exhausting and overwhelming. So many things yet to prepare for and it already feels like I am behind. Sitting behind the screen for most of my 11th grade made me lose sense of time. On top of worrying about COVID-19 and the blended learning schedule, I have AP classes which I am already behind in because I signed up late. I have to prepare for college and figure out where to apply, as well as focus on school work so I can finish strong.

Everyone always said that 12th grade is going to be hectic and that you need to work hard. They said that about every year, and it always turned out fine. I was so wrong. The pressure of university and AP scores hit me on the first day. The teachers tried to warn us about the dangers of failing these AP classes, but to no avail, we still choose to exceed our own limitation.

I believe this year will be my year. I will grab the bull by the horns and charge into this school year. Before I know it, I’ll be worried about getting into university or which university I should choose to go to. I got to see my friends, some of whom were quarantined all summer and I had not seen them since June.

I got to meet my teachers and I was lucky enough to get some of my favorite teachers again this year. I also got exactly what I wanted with blended learning. Before coming back to school, I was dreading the announcement that school might be fully online. I did not want to spend every day staring at my computer screen, but I also felt like suddenly coming back to school full time was going to be too much to handle after so long away. I got the best of both worlds this year with Blended Learning.

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