Re-enrollment Contract 2023-2024

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In order to secure your child a seat for the next academic year 2023-2024, you must fill this re-enrollment form. Failing to do so will not guarantee a seat for your child.

Please note that the following will be applied to the re-enrollment fees:

Re-enrollment fees (for returning students) QAR 5,228 (Advanced tuition fees QAR 2,550 and books fees QAR 2,678) non refundable fees to reserve the seat for your child

Please note:

  • Students who wish to withdraw from school should complete a withdrawal form available from the admissions office.
  • For families who wish to withdraw their child from the school, one month notice is required.
  • Without the required notice, all fees for the following semester are payable.
  • If the semester's fees are paid in full and the child is withdrawn prior to the start of the academic year, only the partial tuition fees will be refunded. The Registration Fee/the Re-enrollment seat fee for the current students will not be refunded.
  • As per the refund/deduction policy, 25% of semester fees is payable if the student has attended less than or equal to 21 calendar days, in any semester, the total annual tuition fee is payable
  • Student's placement at the next grade level for the academic year 2023-2024 is subject to successful completion of the current academic year.
  • I guarantee that I have submitted all the required documents for my child and certify every information provided is correct and up-to-date.
  • I have understood the policy on school fees payment and shall be bound to the terms and conditions accordingly.
  • I assume the responsibility of cooperating with Michael E. DeBakey High School to ensure that we, as a family, will have read the Student-Parent Handbook and my child will have an acceptable commitment to the rules and regulations of the school.
  • I understand that I have to adhere to the school calendar in all respects.
  • I absolve Michael E. Debakey High School from any liability for:
    • The welfare and safety of my child outside the school hours [6:40 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.] and in activities unsupervised or not legitimately arranged by faculty members
    • Any resulting accident or mishap should my child leave the school grounds without any permission from the school authorities
    • The loss of any valuable items of my child brought to school
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