Social Worker

The school counselor is responsible for developing and implementing school counselling programs that will enhance students’ performance and success. He/she is in charge of ensuring the overall emotional, psychological and social growth of the students. The counselor shall be in charge of recommending and providing services, support and guidance to students with learning and special needs.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Monitor students to identify those with social problems, low self-esteem or learning disabilities.
  • Implement programs for students with special needs or learning disabilities. Mentor, counsel and support students with special needs, learning needs and behavioral issues as appropriate.
  • Conduct student assessments and interpret cognitive, aptitude and achievement tests for students.
  • Plan and organize classroom counseling sessions to address career, academic, and personal development issues among students.
  • Help resolve students conflicts and outline possible remedial strategies.
  • Monitor and investigate bullying incidences and provide appropriate support to students.
  • Organize seminars to educate students/parents on sensitive topics such as peer pressure and bullying.
  • Undertake investigations into reported misbehavior/incidents and implement sanctions according to DeBakey’s disciplinary policy.
  • Support the re-integration of students upon return to school from suspensions.
  • Provide counseling to students who are tardy, late or have disciplinary problems.
  • Analyze GPA in relation to student achievements and provide advise as needed.
  • Set up a Student Mentoring Program.
  • Consult with students, teachers and parents to identify developmental needs and design prevention or intervention activities in order to guide students on a healthy path toward adulthood and university.
  • Develop and implement an Early Alert Program and regularly communicate with teachers to ensure students’ academic, social and psychological needs are met.
  • Develop programs and activities that will ensure students’ academic, personal, social and emotional growth.
  • Develop resource materials and programs relating to student discipline for teachers’ reference and use.
  • Provide workshops and training to teachers and staff on matters related to dealing with students with special needs as well as students with behavioral, social and psychological problems.
  • Work with parents, teachers and nurse to identify students’ developmental needs.
  • Provide a link between students and appropriate community resources and outside agencies in Qatar, adolescent day treatment programs, hospital-based counseling programs and Qatar Protective Services.
  • In collaboration with parents, refer students to outside agencies/hospitals within Qatar when needed.
  • Develop positive relationships with parents, liaising with parents regarding disciplinary /health/social/psychological issues.
  • Attend professional meetings and seminars to keep abreast of the recent development in the subject.
  • Maintain accurate student records and confidentiality.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, or related field from an accredited college/university. Master’s degree preferred.
  • Counseling license preferred.
  • Teaching experience is preferred.

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