Student Council Election Winners Announced

With great smiles (behind the masks, of course) nine DeBakey students took the stage to accept their new positions in the school student council of 2020/2021.

The winners were announced after two weeks of speeches and campaigns in the school done virtually using the large screen on the stage.

For the position of the President of the student council, three students were nominated: Omar Hamad*, Jamil Daoud, and Almeqdad Hasan.

For the Vice-President position, two students were nominated: Laith Al Bozom and Jude Massad*. While Abdullah Adeogun* was nominated and won the secretary position.

For the Treasurer position, there were four students nominated: Ranya Merbet, Saed Qaddoumi, Aseel Alanqar, and Nour Jaouni*

For the Historian position, there were only two students nominated: Joud Shehadeh*, Omar Maamoun. While the reporter position offered up three nominees: Mayowa Abayomi, Laila Lubbad*, and Zaid Ammari.

Hlla Shehata* won the grade 11 nomination for Parliamentarian. Farah Ibrahim* won the nomination of council member for grade 10, and Hamza Al Halabi* won the council member position for grade 9.

“Congratulations to the winners and the nominees for their great speeches and campaigns. We are very proud of each of you!” said Umair Farooq, Assistant Principle at DeBakey.

*Winners of the positions.

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