DeBakey High School Library & Media Center objective is to foster a learning environment that provides our students with a rich collection of educational materials and the latest Information Technology to develop their skills, inspire outstanding Character and to empower them to lead and transfer the global landscape.


Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday from 7:00 am to 1:30 pm

  • Students are allowed to borrow maximum two items *books
  • Items are checked out for a two-week time period.
  • They may be renewed for another two weeks unless they have been reserved.
  • Lost or damaged books will result in fees for the cost of replacement.


Tel: 44999857

Library Services & Projects


EBSCOhost is an intuitive online research platform used by thousands of institutions and millions of users worldwide. With quality databases and search features, EBSCOhost helps researchers of all kinds find the information they need fast. DeBakey Library is offering EBSCO platform to our students with more than one million online resources.

DeBakey Reading Competition

Participants should read 50 books starting from November 1st to April 30th to win valuable prices.

The objective of the competition is encouraging students to read and enhance their Lexile reading level.

Book Exchange Program

The Library Sponsors and facilitates the practice

of swapping/exchanging books among students through Book Exchange Booth.

In addition to enhancing the reading level of students, the program aims to expand the reading collection for the students.

Lexile Reading Enhancement Program

Based on the MAP test results, each student will know his/her own Lexile reading level and if the level is matching the student’s grade.

The objective of the program is to raise the students Lexile reading level from MAP Fall test to MAP Spring test.

DeBakey Book Fair

The Library highlight and the biggest event of the year with the participation of publishing houses in Qatar.

From March 4 to 6, parents and students are invited to visit DeBakey Bookfair.