Students Give Back During First Annual DeBakey Day

In honor of the school’s founder, Dr. Michael E. DeBakey,students, faculty, and staff participated in the first annual DeBakey Day. Being one of only two schools in the world carrying his name and legacy, Michael E. DeBakey High School – Qatar honors Dr. DeBakey everyday with outstanding teaching and student excellence focusing on health sciences, engineering, business, and technology.

Students celebrated the legacy of Dr. DeBakey with a social distancing event. The first event in the school since it opened its doors after COVID-19. The students, faculty, and staff watched a video message from Dr. Virginia Parras, President and CEO of the school, and learned more about Dr. DeBakey’s earlier accomplishments through a video on the big screen.

To give back to his most beloved department of the hospital, the students wrote greeting cards and get well soon cards for heart patients in Qatar’s Heart Hospital “Al Amal Hospital.” The cards were delivered to patients and nursing staff at the hospital the following week. Some of the patients were overjoyed with the cards they received and thanked the students of DeBakey for their kind words. Students also helped in creating the DeBakey Tree of Wisdom. Where they wrote on recycled leaf papers and placed them on tree branches to be placed in the reception area of the school.

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