Test-Taking Safety Precautions

Please note the safety measures and precautions that will be taken tomorrow when you arrive to school.

All students must come in from the main gate and remain in their cars until security notifies them that it is okay to come into the building.

Once in the gate, students will have to present The Green Code on their Ehtiraz application.

Make sure to wear your mask properly covering your nose and mouth entirely.

Temperatures will be taken at the door to ensure that no student is ill, and we also request that you sanitize your hands at the door.

If you are quarantined for any reason or feeling any symptoms, please do not come into the school. You will be endangering others.

You must ONLY bring your pencils, pens, erasers, and calculators. No bags or extra items will be allowed into the building.

Your seats have been assigned, so you are expected to walk in and be seated immediately without walking around.

Respect the social distancing rules and other students’ personal space.

Once you finish your test, you will leave the building immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation,

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