Tips and Tricks for Test Week

With chapter tests in full swing and MAP tests coming up, every student should learn these 7 basic steps to prepare for any upcoming test. The day of and the night before are NOT meant to be days where you are franticly reviewing your book. You should organize your time and allow yourself to relax beforehand. Here are 7 tips to help you on exam day:

  1. Prepare things the night before No one wants be flipping and turning in bed the night before trying to remember what you need to take with you, just organize everything in one place (next to the door) and as you leave, you know you have everything you need. Getting enough sleep should be a given but students tend to forget that being rested actually helps you concentrate better. Set your alarm earlier than usual to give yourself time to wake up slowly. Prepare your outfit beforehand so you are not wasting too much time looking for something to wear.
  2. Wake up your mind and your body After waking up, your body needs to also wake up with you. You can do that by listening to music to get you energized, reading duaa or some verses of the Quran to calm your mind. Do some breathing exercises or Yoga to get your muscles moving while maintaining your calmness and reducing anxiety.
  3. Wear appropriate attire The environment of exam rooms is not always in our control, make sure to dress in layers and have an extra jacket in case it is cold. Wear comfortable clothing so you are not fidgeting and feeling anxious.
  4. Eat a smart breakfast Make your meal well-rounded. There is no point in eating sugary snacks or drinking high sugar fruit juices and then crashing from the sugar high after a few hours. You need to have some carbohydrates, calcium, and fiber. A cereal bowl with fruits might just do the trick.
  5. Warm up your brain Just like you need breakfast to warm up your stomach, you need something to help you warm up your brain. The most effective way to do so is to skim some headlines from a newspaper or a magazine. Read part
    of a book that is not related to the exam but excites you. It will help you sharpen your brain before getting
    into the test. Avoid cramming information about the test before you enter or in the car, it will make you
    forget all of what you studied before and you will feel stuck.
  6. Bring effective snacks Stay hydrated! Water is the key to all life, make sure to drink lots of water. As for break snacks, bring something refreshing like oranges or apples or granola bars. Do not ruin your focus with sugary foods and drinks that will make you sleepy. Pro tip: Bring mints with you and chew on them when you finish your test, it will give you surge of refreshment from the first bite.
  7. Focus and calm yourself on arrival Get to the exam room early. Figure out where you need to sit and what you need to take with you inside. Make sure to sit upright and get comfortable in your seat. Stretch out your arms and legs whenever you feel restless. Stretching is just like a refreshing mint; it will readjust your body and warm your muscles to keep you energized.

Good Luck!

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