DeBakey Teachers Receive Training in LEGO MINDSTORMS Education

Eight DeBakey teachers worked with LEGO education trainers to learn more about game based
learning and how to apply it in a classroom setting.

The training took place in 3 separate sessions. The first session taught the theories of learning robotics and an introduction to building robotic models in the classroom.

The second session challenged the teachers to build their robots in groups of two. They ere given guidelines and the basic tools to test its function. A video was then shown about how the robot was
to be built and how to improve its functions.

The third session focused on complexities in using STEAM education to create the full robot with further discussion on how to implement game based learning in the classroom.

The workshop highlighted how STEAM education can really take any concept and help prepare
students with ease. STEAM techniques allow for more creativity in the implementation and demonstration of knowledge and skills.

Amazing work from the teachers on their hands-on approach to learning!

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