Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions–Qatar prides itself on its constant engagement and outreach with parents and guardians of the students at the school. A weekly memo is sent out to ensure the parents, students, and employees are aware of all that is happening in the school on a daily basis. This allows the school to remain transparent in their communications with parents/guardians. Here are the weekly memos in case you missed them:

Cycle 1

P-Memo-1, P-Memo-2, P-Memo-3, P-Memo-4, P-Memo-5A, P-Memo-5B, P-Memo-6, P-Memo-7, P-Memo-8, P-Memo-9, P-Memo-9, P-Memo-10, P-Memo-11, P-Memo-12

Cycle 2

P-Memo-13, P-Memo-14, P-Memo-15, P-Memo-16, P-Memo-17, P-Memo-18, P-Memo-19, P-Memo-20, P-Memo-21

Cycle 3

P-Memo-22, P-Memo-23, P-Memo-24, P-Memo-25, P-Memo-26,P-Memo-27, P-Memo-28

Cycle 4

P-Memo-29, P-Memo-30, P-Memo-31, P-Memo-32, P-Memo-33, P-Memo-34, P-Memo-35, P-Memo-36, P-Memo-37