Learn to Lead Feedback Survey

Thank you for participating in the Learn to Lead program this year. Your commitment to personal and academic growth is praiseworthy, and we value your feedback to ensure the continuous improvement of the program. Please take a few moments to complete this survey. Your input will inform our planning and improvements for upcoming programs.

How satisfied were you with the format of the leadership program sessions?(Required)
Did the sessions meet your expectations in terms of learning and development?(Required)
How would you rate the effectiveness of the sessions in enhancing your leadership skills?(Required)
Were the topics covered in the program relevant and applicable to your personal and academic growth?(Required)
How engaging and interactive did you find the sessions with the community leader?(Required)
Did you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and opinions during the sessions?(Required)
What aspects of the program do you think could be improved upon for future sessions?(Required)

How likely are you to recommend this leadership program to other students in your class?(Required)
When would you prefer the program's graduation ceremony to take place?(Required)