DeBakey prepares students to lead and succeed in a global society following a rigorous American curriculum specialized in health sciences, engineering, business administration, and technology. Once graduating from Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions – Qatar, students go on to top universities around the world to further their education into their chosen fields of study. The universities that our students attend allows them to expand their horizons and follow in the footsteps of leaders such as our founder Dr. Michael Ellis DeBakey.

Allow your child the opportunity to soar with the eagles at DeBakey. Admissions open now for academic year 2022-2023. Nurturing students beyond their potential.

University Acceptance List
Qatar Qatar University
UDST- Qatar
Texas A&M University at Qatar
Weill Cornell – Qatar
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
HBKU – Qatar
Northwestern University in Qatar
Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts – Qatar
USA Sain Diego State University
Michigan State University
University of South Carolina
University of Wisconsin- Madison- USA
University of Oklahoma – USA
University of Michigan- Flint- USA
University of Iowa – USA
Wayne State University – USA
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – USA
West of England University USA
Florida Memorial University
Saint Louis University
Caldwell University
University of Hartford
University of Michigan
University of Idaho
United Kingdom University of Nottingham – UK
University of Manchester – UK
University of Aberdeen – UK
Newcastle University – UK
City University of London – UK
Imperial College London – UK
Sheffield University – UK
University of Liverpool International College – England/UK
University of Essex International College
University of Uclan – UK
The University of Aberdeen
The University of Sussex
Cardiff University International Study Centre (ISC)
University of Leeds
Newcastle University – UK
The University of York – UK
University of Dublin – Hong Kong
The University of Strathclyde International Study Centre (ISC)
Swansea University UK
Royal Holloway International Study Centre (ISC)
University of Surrey International Study Centre (ISC)
University of Huddersfield International Study Centre (ISC)
Holloway International Study Centre (ISC)
University of Sussex International Study Centre (ISC)
Weston university
University of Birmingham
University of the West of England Bristol
The University of Manchester
Nottingham Trent International College – UK
Kaplan International College – London
Brunel University London
University of Bristol
University of Sheffield International College (USIC)
The University of Exeter
The University of Hull
Kaplan International College London
King Collage-London
University of Nottingham – UK
Newcastle University – UK
City University of London – UK
Imperial College London – UK
Sheffield University – UK
University of Brighton (UK)
University of York (UK)
University of Bristol (UK)
University of Liverpool international
Birmingham Foundation Pathways
Aston University
Oxford Brookes University – UK
University of Portsmouth – UK
Uclan- UK
Brunel University – London
The University of East London
Manchester Metropolitan University
Canada York University – Canada
Western University – Canada
University of Toronto- St. George
Canada University of British Columbia
Canada McMaster University – Canada
Carleton University – Canada
Turkey University of Nicosia – Cyprus
Mediapolis University – Turkey
Istanbul Atlas University– Turkey
Istinye – Turkey
Bahçeşehir University (Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi)- Turkey
Istanbul Okan University
Altinbas University
University of Huddersfield – Turkey
Others RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC)
AUS – Emirate
Monash University – Australia
Al Faisal University – Saudia Arabia
Liverpool John Moores
New Giza – Egypt
RCSI Bahrain
American University of Sharjah
Gulf medical school of Ajman
Middlesex University of Dubai
University of Sharjah
Indiana State University
Universitätsmedizin Neumarkt am Mieresch Hamburg
Europäische Universität Zypern Frankfurt
BAU University