Withdrawal Form

If you are leaving Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions-Qatar, please follow the instructions below to ensure that you have all the required information with regards to our leaving procedures.

Notification period

  • For families who wish to withdraw their child from the school, one-month notice is required
  • Without the required notice, all fees for the following semester are payable
  • If the semester’s fees are paid in full and the child is withdrawn prior to the start of the academic year, only the fees will be refunded ,except the Registration Fee or the Reenrollment seat fee for current students
  • As per the refund/deduction policy, 25% of semester fees is payable if the student has attended less than or equal to 21 calendar days from the beginning of the first semester of attendance
  • If a student has attended more than 21 calendar days, in any semester, annual tuition fee is payable.

The school management reserves the right to make any exceptions to the refund policy.

Leaving documents

  • In case of transfer to other school in the State of Qatar, we need to have the acceptance letter from the other school

IT Clearance

Kindly submit your IPAD to IT department within 3 days from the date of submission of the withdrawal form. Debakey management system will be released from the device to complete the withdrawal processes.

DD dash MM dash YYYY
Report Card required(Required)
Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, Max. file size: 18 MB.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 18 MB.
DD dash MM dash YYYY