• Clubs 16/17 will start in Cycle 2
  Club Sponsors Gender Grade


Objective Meeting Location
1 School Crafts & Decorations (V) Mrs. Olfa – Mrs. Maria B & G MS & HS Create with the students small crafts, banners, posters or any other decorations to help the school to look nice, cheerful and engaging, particularly during special events like: Pink Day, International Day, Qatar National Day, Sports Day, Science Fair, Principal’s Awards, Music/Drama show. Art Room
2 MUN Club (V) /  Public speaking (V) Mrs. Timimi
Mrs. Jennifer
B & G HS Help transform many aspiring young speakers to develop their skills not only in public speaking but also in leadership by providing a platform for confident self-expression.

Prepare students to compete in both Qatar national debate competition and Toastmaster.

Room 13
3 Scrabble Mrs. Danielle
Mrs. Alanna
B & G MS & HS Practice spelling, increase vocabulary, and learn fair competition. Room 16
4 Book Club (English) Mrs. Basma
Mrs. Meredith
B & G MS & HS Discuss different books, authors & genres. Room 1
5 Skype Worldwide & Technology Mrs. Solange
Mrs. Mandy
Mr. Umair
B & G MS & HS Students will have virtual trips worldwide where they can visit labs, aquariums, and communicate/engage with other students all over the world and share their interest, culture and traditions.

Students will design and program various applications and software and will participate in various workshops  and competitions

Computer Lab 1
6 ROTA (Reach Out To Asia) (V) Mrs. Anita – Mrs. Maha B & G HS Learn more about the value of volunteering through ROTA’s current programs and participate in the ROTA workshop and conferences. Computer Lab 2
7 Cricket Mr. Nadeem – Mr. Iqbal B & G MS & HS Enhance the skills of the students in cricket and participate in the school cricket tournament. Outside/Gym
8 Lend a Hand (V) Dr. Leona – Mrs. Jeena B & G HS Raise money for humanitarian cause and promote awareness about crises around the world. Room 23
9 Debate (V) Mrs. B. – Mrs. Noha    Mr. Dwayne B & G MS & HS Provide a significant training ground for the development of students’ communicative abilities and provide opportunities for students to practice and share their skill development which prepares students for the debate competitions.


Room 5
10 Glee Music Mrs. Liezl B & G MS & HS Give students the opportunity to develop and enhance their talents in music and develop their confidence in performing music in public places. Music Room
11 Chess Mr. Ado – Mr. Calalo B & G MS & HS To have a venue for students to enjoy, learn and enhance their skills in the game of chess and prepare them for the school chess tournament. Room 25
12 Quran Mr. Mustafa B & G MS & HS Teach students how to read the Quran and prepare them for the yearly Quran  competition. Room 6
13 Reading Challenge (Arabic) Mr. Ali – Mr. Shaalan B & G MS & HS Prepare students for the yearly Reading Challenge competition. Room 9
14 Table Tennis Mr. Marwan
Mr. Elsayed
B & G MS & HS Enhance the skills of students in table tennis and prepare them to participate in the School table tennis tournament. Assembly Hall
15 Environment & Recycling (V) Mrs. Rosy – Mrs. Eliana B & G MS & HS Provide students with an opportunity to be a community contributor as they collect recycled materials throughout the school or from their homes and then use it to make other useful items. Room 2
16 Yearbook (V) Mrs. Raida – Dr. Caroline B & G HS Provide students with the skills and the ability to apply those skills to the actual production of the  school Yearbook. Students will learn about teamwork, responsibility and brainstorming. Room 20
17 World Scholars (V) Mr. Mathew B & G MS & HS Students will register in groups of 3 to prepare for the World Scholar’s Cup Doha round.

Room 19

*(V): Volunteering Hours

All Clubs run weekly on Tuesdays (2:15 PM – 3:00 PM) starting from Cycle 2