Solidarity Bake Sale

During these challenging times, to show solidarity and to raise awareness for the plight of our Palestinian families in Gaza and around the globe, DeBakey has organized “Support Palestine Day” on Thursday, November 30, 2023, with the following events:

  • DeBakey will have a “Solidarity Bake Sale” on Thursday November 30, 2023, to support the people of Gazza and will make the donation through Qatar Charity.
  • Wear an accessory to show support for Palestine (over their school uniforms). This could include wristbands, pins, scarves, or any other items that symbolize support for Palestine.
  • Two Booths will be set up during break where students can leave messages to express their solidarity with Palestine.
  • An Art exhibition showcasing the creativity and empathy of our students, with artworks dedicated to the cause.
  • Qatar Charity will be present in the school to collect donations for Palestine. Your generous contributions can make a significant difference in providing essential aid to those in need.

We believe that these initiatives will not only raise awareness but also help our students understand the importance of compassion, unity, and supporting those in need.

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