A P P R E C I A T I O N – G M U N C O N F E R E N C E

The MUN club is honored to announce the great achievement its members have made during the Georgetown Fall MUN conference that spanned the weekend of 28-30th of September. Three consecutive days of speechgiving, debating, and resolving problems about issues nations face today. From the education quality and accessibility in developing countries, to lessons learned from COVID-19 and collaboration of countries, this MUN conference covered it all. Ahmed Alzubaidi says it was “A memorable experience and an incredible
learning opportunity.” The awardees were:

  • Hamza Al Halabi as the delegate of Chile in UNESCO awarded for Outstanding Diplomacy;
  • Riad Alzaim as the delegate of Austria in SPECPOL awarded Best Delegate;
  • Ahmad Al-Salama as the delegate of Azerbaijan in GA awarded an Honorable Mention;
  • Tasnim Abu-Aadi as the delegate of Panama in the CSW awarded an Honorable Mention;
  • Ahmed Alzubaidi as the delegate of Turkey in DISEC awarded for Outstanding Diplomacy
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